Where does your curiosity take you?

When you’re curious, the road less traveled isn’t a warning for you, it’s an invitation. And when you follow your curiosity, you are unapologetically yourself. We’re all born Naturally Curious, it’s just that life often gets in the way. 

Who knows – maybe you’re curious about lots of things and you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe, you’re ready to level up and be inspired by others who have followed their curiosity and live what most of us would deem to be extraordinary lives. Or maybe you just need that little jump start so that you can discover yourself that much more, and so that you can use your story and unique gifts to make this world a little better.

Prior to living the lock down life, I was in the process of launching a digital series and hosting a big fundraising event (A Night For Conservation) this spring. When both projects were cancelled without warning – it was really disappointing. I was worried about the causes we were meant to support and that my years of work on the series that would now go to waste… 5 minutes later I snapped out of that mindset. It wasn’t going to get anyone, anywhere. Plus, I’m a believer that there are always ways we can use our unique gifts with the world, we just need to get creative and look for other solutions. So I did. 

The fundraising event went online with a virtual panel and I decided to level up my storytelling skills and created the all new weekly podcast NATURALLY CURIOUS featuring inspiring creatives, talented athletes, modern day explorers and thought leaders. You’ll hear ways you can embrace your curious side, find direction and cultivate your own story. 

So so so excited to share this with you all. Make sure to subscribe, rate it, review it, share it, like it, connect on social and stay tuned for the first episode with Erica Wark!

Let’s gooooooo!



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